British National Dies On Arrival At KIA Due To Lack Of Medical Support

It was last week Friday, 17th June 2022; where a bizarre incident involving a British national at the Kotoka International Airport when a British citizen with some medical-related issues died immediately after she touched down at the Ghanaian Airport.

According to some eyewitnesses, the passenger needed some sort of urgent medical attention but the paramedics available only attended to the person with an ordinary paracetamol tablet when the matter reached the state of an emergency.

This bothers on how poorly we are equipped as a national in attending to such states of emergencies when the need arises no matter the origin of the individual involved or the ethnicity, creed, or gender but all such medical supplies must be available for everyone to be cared with when the unexpected happens.

It is reported by Joy FM that, the British national died solely due to inadequate medical supplies and materials needed by that fellow at the moment she needed that urgent support from the medical team members at the Airport but the only one who volunteered to offer support came out with a paracetamol tablet and the passenger gave up her spirit finally.

Such a horrid incident happening at the Airport we call an international airport only puts the name of Ghana on the bad radars of other member country states which could jeopardize the smooth neighborliness between Ghana and other economic powered nations for a business transaction with the notion that their nationals are not thought of when it comes to matters about hospitality in the country.

The ministry of aviation is tight-lipped on the matter despite the wide manner in which the disappointing incident has been reported by many media outlets.

Even if the ministry of aviation does not want to comment on the matter as it may claim to be studying the issue, other related government institutions work in collaboration though they have a separate mandate and one of such respectable ministries, is the ministry of foreign affairs.

Madam Shirley Ayorkor is the minister in charge of that very ministry and she must come out from the comfort of her armed chair and address the nation on such an embarrassing situation that must not rear its ugly face again.



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