Chinese Nationals Topped Issuance Record Of Non Citizens Cards – NIA reveals

The issue of whether Aisha Huang, the lady at the centre of the galamsey operations in Ghana, continues to sweep through the corridors of power as government agencies and authorities in charge of matters pertaining to that, struggle heavily to defend themselves against the shameful and disgraceful manner in which the story unfolded.

They never knew that, everything they were doing behind the scenes would be brought to light since the time for their wicked agenda would be exposed one day beyond description.

Many Ghanaians have blamed authorities responsible for the security of the country since it has emerged that, anyone with the financial wherewithal, could be permitted into the territories of the Ghana since it is the gateway to Africa.

Aisha Huang has been in the news in Ghana and else where for acquiring some sensitive documents belonging to Ghana without any legal basis.

Since her alleged obtaining of documents illegally cropped up in the country, others have been at the receiving end of her egregious conducts because, they granted her that special access to find herself at the shores of Ghana.

Currently, the Ghana National Identification Authority, has in an embarrassing move, issued a release indicating that, despite the national uproar against the story of Aisha Huang and other matters arising, Ghanaian citizens must be aware that, the Chinese citizens in Ghana, were the largest and highest nationals that the National Identification Authority, NIA, issued the non citizens identity cards to and therefore, people should put the matter to rest.

Others are wondering how come since the story broke and exposed their criminality in selling off and betraying the country and her citizens, they could not release the same fabricated particulars about the Chinese nationals but today, all of a sudden, they have come out desperately to throw dust into the eyes of some mentally warped thinking individuals.


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