“Cost of data preventing Ghanaians to stream our songs” – Wendy Shay laments

Wendy Shay

Dancehall musician Wendy Shay from Ghana bemoaned how many Ghanaians are unable to broadcast their music online due to the high cost of bandwidth.

The majority of Ghanaian artists, according to Wendy Shay, do not receive as many streams as their international counterparts.

Wendy Shay revealed that the high cost of data in Ghana is keeping Ghanaians from streaming their music as the reason for the low number of streams of their tracks. She said that her analysis revealed that most nations have lower data costs than Ghana.

“I have realized that data is extremely expensive in Ghana. I have conducted research and realized that East African countries have less cost of data. When you go on their YouTube and other streaming sites you’d realize they have a lot of streams.”

“I think we should find the right way to address this problem as celebrities. We need to use our influence to tackle this problem because even foreigners complain about it a lot. That is why a lot of musicians in Ghana don’t have a large number of music streams in Ghana as compared to other African countries currently,” she told Accra FM’s, Nana Romeo.

Speaking further on why Ghanaians do not stream their songs, Wendy disclosed most Ghanaians prefer downloading their songs from other websites.

“I think Ghanaians are now gradually getting used to streams. They should stop downloading songs from YouTube and other places. They should also try and register on these streaming sites. That’s the means through which we can also feed ourselves,” she maintained.”


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