Dr Lawrence Tetteh receives naked pictures from women

Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Dr Lawrence Tetteh confirms that he has been receiving naked pictures from women

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the founder, and president of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, has revealed that some women send him naked pictures despite knowing who he is.

According to Anthony Dzamefe, a popular preacher on TV3, he is active on many social media groups, making it easy for some people to obtain his contact information and try to get his attention by sending him naked pictures.

He added that he has trained himself to be disciplined enough to delete and block such people when they send him such obscene and erotic images.

“I am on many platforms. Some enhance your spirit, and some don’t. When you wake up and see it, you delete it straight away. I have more deleted and blocked people on my phone…” he said.

Dr Lawrence Tetteh also cited that he wakes up in the morning sieving the messages he receives on social media daily.

“I think you must decide what you want. Do I get naked pictures and videos on my phone? Yes! Do people send me profane videos? Yes! Do women send me naked pictures sometimes? Yes! Do I have classmates who post profane things on the page sometimes? Yes!” he added.


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