Driving school instructors take on GPRTU chairman who said private drivers are to blame for most accidents

Driving school instructors take on GPRTU chairman who said private drivers are to blame for most accidents

It was reported last week that, the chairman of the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU), willfully, accused without any substantial evidence, the Association of certified driving instructors Ghana, of being the cause of the majority of road carnages on our highways in the country.

According to the Association, the GPRTU chairman got it entirely inaccurate and wrong to label the other association as the result of such, unfortunately, incidents happening in the country.

The association further charged the GPRTU chairman, to as a matter of fairness and transparency, come out with concrete facts and undeniable evidence to prove to the Ghanaian people that indeed, what he has alleged against the association of certified driving instructors Ghana members that, they are the ones to be blamed for the massive road carnages in the country.

As the year draws closer to an end, motorists across the entire cause of Ghana, have been appealing to the Motor Traffic and Transport Directorates to as a matter of an urgency, swiftly dispatch their officers onto the streets so that they can maintain law and order in the country as the yuletide is fast approaching where visibility will soon become a major cause of casualties again on the roads but yet still, nothing significant seems to be coming from the right appropriate authorities as to the stringent measures put in place to forestall such unforeseen eventualities from occurring.

Some of the road users have already stated that, whether the police officers are on the roads to bring sanity and orderliness or not, they are not concerned about what they have been doing since they usually appeal to them to embark upon such life-saving activities ahead of time but, they will not heed to their calls and thus, their fates lay in their palms.

The main and major complaint raised by the motorists is that, due to the absence of police officers visibility on the roads, notorious armed robbers have taken advantage of their absence by attacking and unleashing mayhems on the road users most especially, the women and children who have been falling as preys to their suspicious criminal engagements.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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