Ellembele Police Commander Interdicted Over DCE Assault

The Police Commander in the Ellembele district area in the Western Region where galamsey operation has been reported to be like water being drunk by the people who engage in such an illicit activity, has been demoted and interdicted over how he handcuffed and assaulted the district chief executive officer in connection with the seizure of underground machines used in their operations.

According to some sources, the district chief executive officer, Kwasi Bonzo, was arrested yesterday and whisked away with speed into a waiting white pick up while the police commander in charge of those other officers who captured him, vehemently stretched his hands towards him and extended dirty slaps on him even though the DCE was not resisting his arrest.

The information has it that, due to the unprofessional and unethical manner in which the police commander conducted and handled the matter, was what necessitated his sudden demotion from rank and its subsequent interdiction, from office to pave way for further and better investigations to be launched into the entire cause of unfolded scenes.

We reported yesterday that, the DCE for the Ellembele area had been arrested and three others in their attempts to subvert and obstruct operations and intelligence security conduction into the illegal political galamsey operations in the area after which certain machines used in the cause of their activities, got missing upon learning of their possible detention.

Currently as the one who is the head of police officers in the area has been interdicted after embarrassing and humiliating the district chief executive officer in the full glare of the general public over his involvement concerning the seized excavators, cool head must prevail in the entire district as the head of security in the whole district, Kwasi Bonzo, is also in the firm grip of the police administration in the Ellembele district for further digging down of investigations into his alleged complacency, as he was reported to have heckled and hindered security forces from arresting those suspected to be gang leaders in the nefarious activities of galamsey operations in the district.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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