Excessive Sex Causes Eye Effects -Ophthalmologists reveals

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A medical practitioner who is the managing director of one of the reputable eye care in the country, has audaciously revealed, individuals who are bent on having sex on all occasions, are likely to be affected seriously with their eye sights since too much of independence in sexual activities involving a man and a woman, causes eyes to be affected.

According to him, since having sex largely involves in the release and discharge of orgasms, individual members who are involved, are likely to have eyes problems because, the sweetness in their sexual activities comes from the release of their orgasms because it plays a pivotal role in sexual stimulation.

He stated that, there is nothing wrong with having quality sex but it must be done cautiously to save the lives of those individuals involved in the God given act.

He said, since some people who have excessive sex on regular basis are bent on satisfying themselves continuously with the forbidden fruit, they are prone to having blood pressure, BP, which is a major factor in causing the effects on the sights.

The Managing Director of Dziram Eye Clinic, Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie, who is a professional opthalmologist, sex is a good thing to do but the manner in which it is done or practised, it is what matters a lot and not just for the fun of it since having too much of it at all times by some people, it is the consequence of some of the health or medical complications and effects that they have to battle out with. He further revealed that, having excessive sex on daily or regular basis, where large quantum of orgasms are released, individuals who commit themselves into it, have the tendency of their blood level going higher since the massive release of orgasms, causes serious bleeding in the eyes which will in the long run, affect the right contacts with the eyes and by an extension, resulting in affecting the strength of the eyes.

This is a painful secret which has been kept from many Ghanaians and other nationals until it has been disclosed on one of the public broadcasting networks in Ghana even though, some people are struggling to come to terms with what has been revealed by the renowned medical practitioner and opthalmologist, Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie of the Dziram Eye Clinic fame.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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