Food Shortage Looms In Schools As NAGRAT president blames government

Food Shortage Looms In Schools As NAGRAT president blames government

The information communicated to certain individuals working in the media landscape is that food suppliers to the various second circles of institutions of secondary schools are no longer receiving assistance from those supporting them to help in cooking meals for students at the senior high levels of schools in the country as a whole. The cooks who are working with the school feeding program, have indicated that they had run out of food supplies causing them to give out gari with groundnuts to students who are willing to consume that to satisfy their hunger.

The president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers, NAGRAT, Angel Carbon, has lashed out at the government for doing little or nothing significant to help the students and the caterers as a whole to forestall the imminent shortage of food in senior high schools in the whole country where students are no longer being fed because of the unavailability of food supplies to the school authorities for onward distribution of their various centers for the meals to be prepared for the children.

According to the NAGRAT president, he is not going to receive any blame or fault from any individual who will accuse him of failing his responsibility on the ground that he cares less about the welfare and needs of teachers and students as a whole thereby resulting in this shameful spectacle that we are seeing at the moment in the country where there is no proper food available for caterers in various second circles of schools to be cooking for the students.

He stated that it is a government that must receive the blame because they are the authorities in managing the affairs of the students and the schools as a whole, they informed the government a long time ago about the difficulties in having access to adequate food supplies to various schools, therefore, more needed to be done and yet still, the government remained motionless in doing something meaningful to help remedy the situations and now that, things have run out of hands completely, it is a government that they are going to give the blame to because it failed in attending to their pleas after they drew the attention of its through their various coordinators mandated to manage the feeding program of the schools in the country. It has been reported that in certain public senior high schools in Ghana, it is gari with groundnut that some cooks are serving the children in the schools because there is no other food available apart from what is being given.

Due to that heart-cracking detail, some people have called for the closure of schools until the government does something reasonable to curb the sprawling effects on the health of students who are eating such food items to satisfy their hunger which will, in the long run, affect their eyesight if care is not taken immediately to check out the negative impacts on the eyes of those individual students involved.

Many people have attributed the shortage of food in schools largely on the basis that, the government officials in charge of the feeding program, are always lackadaisical in releasing the feeding grants to the schools wherefore, it would be possible for them to look for their food suppliers to help supply the goods to schools where they need them the most but due to high handedness on the part of such government officials who think the resources of the country are their assets, have made it difficult for them to have access to funds to buy the items needed to cook for the students and the management as a whole.

Besides, the government is struggling to meet the demands of public sector teachers who are currently on strike because of their poor conditions of service as they put it since they embarked on a sit-down strike a week ago to drive home their demands for the increment in conditions of living allowance, popularly known as cola, but the government has indicated that there is no money available to meet the needs of those striking teachers and thus, the recognizes the efforts of teachers though in the development of the country but it pleads with them to return to their classes as their leaders negotiate with government and see how best their grievances and the impasse between them and governing could be addressed for mutual concerns.

The teachers too are not willing to return because they are suspecting the government that, they would return to the classrooms as demanded by the government but it would renege on its promises that something drastic would be done in alleviating the economic hardships being borne by all in the country.



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