Kasoa Police Officers Arrest 2 With Human Heads

Kasoa Police Officers Arrest 2 With Human Heads

The police officers in the Kasoa area, have arrested two young men with human heads suspected to be meant for ritual purposes either in the adjoining communities or in the other parts of the country where their activities are done secretly at the blind side of the general public.

The police officers, after an informant alerted them of the criminal activities engaged upon by such suspicious characters in the area, mounted surveillance on them to ascertain the veracity of the claim or other words of the matter, and by so doing, they got the unflinching evidence what has been reported to incriminate such criminal gangs who are not willing to struggle a little bit in life before eating on daily basis.

They do not believe the adage that says; “Life is a hard road” because they believe that as they are seeing a certain crop of people enjoying then they must also enjoy without finding out the details of their works and professions before they are living those kinds of lavish lifestyles just to entice the gullibility of the vulnerable in doing same as those two indecent individuals have been exposed by the police officers at the Kasoa area upon receiving a tip-off of their illicit activities which are dangerous to the life, security, and peace of the people residing in the area.

The evidence so far gathered by the police officers to help in an incriminating and subsequent prosecution of those involved in the case of swooping them with human heads, the evidence is so glaring that, it is highly possible that they would be brutally prosecuted on the ground that, such dangerous criminals were caught red-handed with fresh human heads suspected to be the murdering of some certain individuals whose identities are yet to be uncovered by the officers so that they could commence investigations into other aspects of the matter but for now, the two young men are currently in the firm grip of the police officers to assist in further investigations to find out if they are working with other people who are not available at the moment as their possible accomplices to cause their arrest and detention before a full-scale investigation proceeds.

The activities of certain individuals in the country who are money lovers without sacrificing for it have reared their ugly heads to the extent that if their activities are not controlled immediately, they could plunge this nation into chaos because of how they embark on looking for human body parts just to go and engage in money ritual for them to become wealthy overnight, is so alarming that such individual members should not be spared at all in times like this as many people are struggling hard to make ends meet but they are looking and devising crooked means by which they could easily secure spiritual money to splash out because they have not worked assiduously before acquiring it which will even in the long run, have ripple consequences on their individual lives.

Their attitudes are so scary nowadays that, how they even drive bloody vehicles driven by them, is causing fear and panic amongst those who are witnessing their behaviors to conclude the kind of dirty work they are involved in because of the reckless manner in which they are living their lives with the sense that such individuals do not believe in anything like posterity or judgment because they are living for only today and not for tomorrow.

At the moment, the police officers are gathering further and better details to discover if there are missing persons in certain parts of the communities adjoining to where they have been grabbed with fresh human heads to aid in their speedy investigations into the whole matter because it is believed that, it would be announced by individuals who have lost their relatives to suspicious disappearance and not knowing the whereabouts of their family members and based on that premise, reports and complaints would be forwarded to the police officers as to whether such individuals arrested with the human heads are those of the ones missing as reported.

Some people have attributed the nefarious activities of such people to the trending economic infractions caused by this current administration due to the fast-rising cost of living in the country making life uncomfortable for the people of Ghana thereby, causing insecurity in the country and as a result of that, criminal activities have sprung up at various parts of the country where everyone is finding ways and means just to survive under this severe and austere economy under this very leadership.

But it should be noted that a hand that does not work, does not qualify for food, and thus, for you to live a meaningful life, you must endeavor to work hard so that you could make a decent living and without that, any other means you pass to make money must be sanctioned cruelly to serve as a deterrent to others who are on the verge of planning same.

Many residents in certain areas of Kasoa, would tell you what they previously endured at the hands of the police officers in the area after they divulged information leading to the arrest and detention of some suspected thieves who were left out of the hook after they allegedly greased the palm of the police officers who later let the cat out of the bag that, based on the information communicated to us by; so – so and so, you were arrested and because of that uncivilized claim on the part of the police officers in the community, many people are no longer interested in giving out details to the police forces because they are afraid that individuals implicated in the case when they are finally arrested, would come up after them the moment they are released from prison custody.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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