Ghana’s Judiciary Lacks Credibility To Redeem Her Sunken Imagine – Fmr prez Mahama guffs

In the previous weeks of total balderdash and absurdity shrouded with secrecy, the purchase of public vehicles unlawfully contravening regulations governing the public sector financial management, by some nineteen judges of the Superior Courts of judicature, the matter still lingers on as many Ghanaians believe, it really corroded the integrity and reputation of the judiciary as a whole.

According to the Auditor General’s findings, at least, nineteen judges of the superior court, bought secretly, public cars without any lawful approval for their activities and based on their, the personal details of such nation wrecking individuals were published into the public domain for Ghanaian people’s perusal as a way of telling them the truth about the diabolical and clandestine pilfering nature of people who are highly respected to administer justice delivery without fear or favour, have been engaged in.

The former president, John Dramani Mahama, has taken a swipe at the moment against the conduct of those senior public servants saying that, if that is what they are doing behind the scenes of the people, then, how credible and trusted would they be if they are given matters of legal jurisprudence to handle involving serious and grave concerns?

According to the former president John Dramani Mahama, he has been observing the justice delivery system for a while now when it comes to how the judiciary as a whole handles matters in general in the country and based on what he personally knows about the judicial regime and what unfolded between their illicit complacency and issues arising from the Auditor General’s findings, he is left with no option but to guff at what is going on at the judiciary.

He stated that, he is of the firm belief that, the current judiciary lacks credibility and genuineness since her leadership is totally corrupt and sank deep beyond cleansing.

He therefore assured Ghanaian people that, since this current justice delivery system is not transparent and fair enough to his liking, he would change the chief justice and replace him with any dependable and reliable chief justice with reputation when he wins power in the upcoming general elections.

He intimated that, the harm caused by the judiciary is so huge to the extent of crescendo while sinking deep down the image and integrity of the whole institution by only a few individuals for their own parochial interests.

He concluded he is such an individual who does believe in fair play but since the current chief justice, Justice Kwesi Anim Yeboah, does not believe in the same culture and tradition, he must be sacked and be replaced by someone who would redeem the sunken image of the judiciary because, this current chief justice lacks credibility and pedigree to do so and that is why he is doing more harm than good.


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