How Sierra Leone’s Queennak is Dominating the Throne in China And New York

An artist and a philanthropist Queennak popularly known as Chin’s Black First Lady of being the first foreigner to represent China at the Milan Expo Arts Exhibition in 2014 and the first Sierra Leonean to represent her country at the Youth Olympic Games Arts Exhibition in Nanjing, China in 2013.

After becoming a well regarded public figure in China, she has taken advancies to New York to chase her drams. Queennak whose real name is Neneh Ada Yang, was born in Sierra Leone Bangura, a trader and aimed Adarkwa Koroma, a collage principal.

Growing up, she excelled in academics and she was consistent in being one of the top students in her class.

In elementary, she obtained one of the best grades in the for the National Primary School Examination.

She attended her country’s best Secondary school Saint Joseph ‘s Junior Secondary School and took the Basic Education Certificate Examination.

She was then promoted to Senior Secondary school and after three years, she aced the West Africa Senior School Certificate and she gracefully graduated with excellence.

She has therefore become a role model to countless individuals who are aspiring to become like in  the near foreseeable future.




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