I Am Still Investigating The Airbus Scandal – Special Prosecutor announces

Despite the numerous assumptions and presumption that the case involving some respected and notable Ghanaian nationals who embarked on causing financial losses to the state with the pretentious thought to purchasing aircrafts for the country so as to benefit from their clandestine nation wrecking behaviours, their cases still hold water because the special prosecutor has announced his intentions of pursuing the matter to its logical conclusion.

At the moment, it is clear that the anus of those individual members who are well known political appointees in this country, is shivering.

The Special Prosecutor Kisi Agyabeng, must be congratulated for doing a thorough job for the country because he is helping the nation save huge sum of money from those who are bent of stealing from the coffers of the state without any shame because they are used to it thereby becoming a norm to them.

We reported here that the special prosecutor Kisi Agyabeng chased one female council of state member who used her national influence to duping the country to the tune of over one million Ghana cedis.

If all the amount of money being retrieved from the looters of the country are being used wisely, there is no way our country is going to find herself in a state of political quagmire and comatose arena since the resources endowed the country are enormous and being used prudently for the progress of the state and the citizens in general.

There are some people who are thinking that the Airbus scandal has died of natural causes without knowing that the office of the special prosecutor is on the heels of such individuals mentioned in the corruption related cases involving their planned decision to purchasing Airbus for the country because they know that it is one of the surest ways through which they could amass wealth for themselves secretly without the Ghanaian people knowing of their evil conducts.

It is our hope that nothing coming from any quarters should intimidate the special prosecutor Kisi Agyabeng because the manner in which he is carrying out his duties, it is devoid of any political victimisation and favouritism.

He has been undertaking his mandate in a free and fair manner which will be practically difficult for any individual to say he is being biased against this person or he is being impartial towards the other person because of how he handles cases involving both former appointees and the current ones who are presently serving in the governing authority that appointed him to work for the progress of the country.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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