“I Knew Afronita Wouldn’t Last Long In DWP” — Former Manager Of Afronita On Why She Exited The Group

Quables, former dance manager of one of Ghana’s finest female dancers, Afronita, has revealed what led to her decision to leave the Dance With Purpose academy(DWP).

In a one on one interview with social media activist, Kwadwo Sheldon, Quabbles described ex-DWP member, Afronita as a disrespectful girl, who has stepped on a lot of toes of other members in the group, including him and Afrobeast, another co-founder of the dance academy.

Moreover, the young dance manager added that he had always had the intuition that Afronita would not stay long in the academy because it was through Dancegod Lloyd, that she enrolled there; so when Dancegod left, he knew that his ‘child’ would leave next.

Quabbles alleged that it got to a time when Afronita disregarded his very existence and challenged his authority.

According to him, he didn’t want to be a bad manager, so he complained to the dancer’s mother to call her to order, but all attempts proved futile.

Recently, Afronita cut sod for her new kids dance academy, and only Champion rollie was spotted in attendance, meanwhile Afronita had stated in an interview with Ghbuzznews.com that she had sent out an invite to the entire academy.

Who knows, this might be a whole new drama boiling for such a formidable team of young and talented dancers!