I used to clean the studios of music producers after recording my songs because of hardships – Kweku Darlington recounts

Nobody on this planet becomes or became financially stable without shedding his tears and sweat before success and it is only one the rules of nature that any hand that feels idle must not qualify for food since it is the fruit of your labour that satisfies your belly or appetite.

Music lovers in Ghana have shared mixed feelings about the revelation exposed by one of her fast rising celebrities in the music industry. Musician Kweku Darlington, has recounted his darkest moments during his early stages of his music career how he endured excruciating moments and economic hardships just because, he was determined to make impacts in his lifetime.

He said, during the early days into his music journey, he was been used as an ordinary cleaner who would clean and tidy up the whole studios of music producers because he was not having money to pay for the services rendered to his music during recording and as a result, he used to clean up the entire studios as a compensation in the exchange of the money that he was not having to pay for the songs he recorded with their machines and gadgets.

He said, since he was not having physical money to pay for all the songs recorded into his credit, he divulged into doing cleaning for the song producers of various kinds which compelled him into cleaning the music producers studios after their recording of his songs. That is why it is said that hard work pays and it should not surprise you in anyway that today, Kweku Darlington finds himself on the land beyond the borders of Ghana without regretting it because he suffered for it.

He is now lavishly, enjoying his sacrifices on the White man’s land in the United States of America after which he granted an interview with one of the media houses therefore during which it was monitored here in Ghana. It is not known to many in Ghana about how the musician managed to be swimming in money today but Kweku Darlington himself recounted exactly, what he went through when he ventured into music adventure in his darkest days in his lifetime but gloriously, it pays off today with excitement and glorification.

According to his own words, he recorded such songs without paying physical money was the only promotional tactical approach he adopted and from the look of things, it worked out effectively and efficiently and gladly, today I am a different individual altogether, he said with such an infectious smile.

Kweku Darlington was thought from the begging not to make any meaningful gains in the music industry since because of how financially things were tough and cruel moments were crushing at his door but he persevered and braced up himself and wore new clothes and went into the battle field to face the challenges and pains of life as a man and through his commitment and industriousness, today, he has become such a spectacular individual to behold. That is why, all of us must embrace the popular adage that says; “hard work, breaks no bones”.


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