The leader and founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel International Reverend Obofour speaks about the painful demise of Osinachi in Nigeria.

According to Reverend Obofour, he was very sad when he heard about Osinachi’s death and how her husband normally abuse her.

Rev Obofour

Speaking live on facebook, Reverend Obofour made it clear that, Christianity is now complicated and he will never advice any woman to stay in a marriage where she will be abuse by her husband.

Reverend Obofour added that, Marriage is a decision and once you realize that you made a wrong decision, nothing should prevent from seeking for divorce. Reverend Obofour further stated that, they will not bury you with your marriage ring therefore, do not die because of your marriage.

” Christianity is complicated. I will never advice any woman to stay in abusive marriage. If you are a Woman out there and your husband abuse you, please pack your things and leave the house immediately. Do not stay in that relationship and die untimely just like Osinachi; because of Christianity”. – Reverend Obofour stated.



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