Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Is A Death Trap – Hassan Ayariga claims

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Is A Death Trap - Hassan Ayariga claims

It is an undeniable fact that how some of Ghanaian medical practitioners undertake their respective duties in the country when it comes to urgent health care to be administered to those who are in dire need of it, it is nothing to smile about even though others may have contrary views to this piece.

They are entitled to their various opinions since knowledge does not reside in one’s brain only and that is why those of old wisdom would say; “Two heads are better than one”.

Many Ghanaian citizens most especially, those who are living in the hinterlands, have been crying foul for a while now since health conditions in their various communities are not receiving any significant facelift and in some instances, they are not available at all which compels our pregnant mothers to go through a lot in their attempt to give birth.

But luckily for a replete number of people living in the national capital city of Ghana, Accra, they are fortunate to have been endowed with numerous and good standing medical facilities providing health needs to those who are seeking for it.

In many parts of the Northern regions, it is hard for you to even chance upon seeing a chip compound in any locality which administers and prescribes approved and certified medicine for the ailing citizens living in such places.

Here is the national capital where one of Ghana’s most renowned medical teaching hospital specialised in teaching and training medical professionals in diverse spectrums to attend to the health needs of patients, has been thrown out with vexation by one of the emerging Ghanaian politicians who also aspires to be the president of the republic of Ghana.

The main issue after giving you the background details of what needs to be known is that, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has been described as a death trap for Ghanaians by someone who intends to become the president and commander in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces if he is given the mandate to lead the country to her promised land.

According to the Founder and Leader of All People’s Congress, APC, Dr. Hassan Ayariga, there is nothing meaningful and attractive about Korle Bu Teaching Hospital because, it is not a place for life restoration but rather, a den for life deterioration.

In his view, instead of the hospital authorities creating a pulchritude atmosphere for all patients who seek health care needs at the centre, it is now a dangerous path for the medical incapacitated and handicapped individuals not to trespass unless they themselves want to terminate their own lives.

He has therefore admonished and challenged that, if there is no urgent step approach adopted by the authorities in charge of the running of affairs for her, within a twinkle of an eye, the hospital will continue to kill more people than to save them since she does more harm than good.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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