Lady cuddles huge snake moving on her body in bed [VIDEO]

Gogo Maweni, a South African native doctor, social media influencer, and television personality, has caused a stir on social media after posting yet another video of herself cuddling one of her snakes.

The video shows the huge snake moving on her body in bed.

The traditional healer uploaded a video to TikTok while she was still in bed, wishing her followers a good morning. Her animal companion shook people to their core.

The snake went over Gogo Maweni’s head after maneuvering between the sheets and Gogo Maweni.

ReptileCraze claims that snakes can be drawn to their owners because they emit heat, but the majority of snakes have evolved to live alone.

Gogo Maweni TikTok video became a web sensation and assembled 1.6 million perspectives from Mzansi individuals who were terrified .

Maweni was deemed brave by some internet users for interacting so closely with her pet snake. The slithering serpent, according to other accounts, gave the sangoma the impression of fright.



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