Man Caught In Hostel For Allegedly Recording Ladies In Bathroom

A young man has been caught by residents of Brunei Hostel for allegedly recording unsuspecting ladies in their bathrooms with his smartphone.

The young man is said to have been in the act for a while now as different videos were seen on his smartphone when he was caught.

According to a resident of the ‘Baby Brunei’ hostel, the young man is part of a gang who takes the nude videos and sends them to a website in exchange for money.

Narrating their modus operandi, the unnamed resident said in a voice recording that the hostel has a shared bathroom outside their room which gives the young man and his cohorts complete access.

She continued that the suspect and his gang set up the phone in the bathroom before the ladies come in to take their bath but luck eluded him when one lady who was facing the opposite direction turned and saw him with his phone out recording a video.

The young man was apprehended when other residents in the hostel heard her frantic cry for help. Some recognised him as he has been seen on the floor several times.

Brunei is a popular hostel located on the campus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

Watch this video:


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