Many burnt to death while scooping fuel from a fallen tanker

Many burnt to death while scooping fuel from a fallen tanker

A staggering misfortune happened in Ore, Odigbo council area of Ondo state when a fuel-loaded big hauler detonated locally on Sunday night, July 23.

It was accumulated that the big hauler driver failed to keep a grip on the vehicle, prompting an accident. Following the mishap, occupants purportedly raced to the scene to scoop fuel from the big hauler.

As per Vanguard, the blast was set off by a flash from the telephone of one of the people scooping fuel from the big hauler.

While the specific number of setbacks stays dubious, it is accounted for that a pregnant lady, three youngsters, and 18 others lost their lives in the terrible blast.

As indicated by an observer named Cyriacus, they were inside the congregation when the big hauler fell and spilled its items out and about.

Notwithstanding the alerts from the congregation’s minister, many individuals raced to scoop fuel structure the big hauler, and unfortunately, met their death.

His words,

“We were inside the church when we heard that tanker fell. The rain was also falling. People were taking fuel when fire started after a spark from a phone.

Three children di£d and we have counted over 15 bodies. A pregnant woman that wanted to buy the fuel also di£d. The money is still with her.”