My spiritual husband satisfies me in bed better than my real-life husband – Wife confesses


A Tiktok video that is presently trending shows a marked wife refusing to ask her spiritual spouse for help.

She claims that her spiritual spouse makes her feel more satisfied in bed than her actual lie husband, and she wants to stay with him forever as a result.

The married woman was directed to her by her husband, the female spiritualist claimed in the video she posted on social media.

And after going to see her for advice on how to be freed from the spirit, she made one very particular request: that her spiritual husband not be completely driven away and be permitted to see her every night for sex.

The woman claims that she doesn’t want to be totally separated from her spiritual husband because the latter has never made her cum and her real-life husband is really weak in bed.

The herbalist stated that she shared the tale on TikTok;

“Lady that was directed to me by her husband for marine separation asked me if I could separate her without stopping the marine husband from coming to sleep with her.”

“Lady: my husband can’t do half of what he does to me. I think the husband is the person I need to separate from her not the marine husband.”

Watch the video below to know more…

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