NGO Petitions CHRAJ Over Non Availability Of Public Place Of Convenience In Schools

The Coalition of Non Governmental Organisation in water and sanitation, has presented to Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, CHRAJ, a petition which is urging the institution to intervene in the sanitary challenges children at the public basic schools are going through.

According to the institution, students are the public basic schools and by an extension, in some senior high schools, do not have places of convenience which is making life uncomfortable and unbearable for those who are the future leaders of this country. The coalition identified the challenges being borne by numerous number of students in the public learning centres most significantly, the female stuff who are considered as the mothers of the country and the world as a whole.

The NGO is praying CHRAJ that as its office holds a very powerful authority of the state, it would inure to the benefits of all those that they are fighting for and they believe that through the possible interventions of CHRAJ, the challenges of the teenagers in the government schools where places of convenience are posing threat and danger to the private and hygiene practices of the little ones in public schools. It is going to be a good news to many government schools where public toilet facilities and access to water are becoming a headache to the students in such schools.

The Coalition pointed it out that, there is this mind disturbing phenomena in most of the public schools where having an access to water being a serious problem, the girls who are experiencing their monthly flow, find it difficult to associate or take proper care of themselves hygienically simply because, the means is not available to help such students maintain their Ievel of personal hygiene practices and by so doing, some of the said students will not show up in schools at all during that phenomenon until it is over finally before they will turn up in school.

The NGO put it that, if something drastic is not doing to addressing that pressing needs of the children especially, the female ones, they are likely to drop out of school or even they going to other depending friends or acquaintances to attend to the nature’s call and in the event leading to that, anything could happen where they are likely to be taken an advantage of by doing with them what they are not expecting at that particular moment.

It is without a doubt that sanitary conditions of many public schools are not encouraging due to the non availability of such life warning amenities which are not put in place as a step cap measure to mitigate the negative impact on the girls when that very tiresome period in the month approaches.




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