No Criminal Cases In Ghana, We Are On Top Of Situations – Ghana Police Service claims

Ghana Police Service

As the criminal activities and injustices in Ghana have reached an alarming proportion, the Ghana police service, has come out boldly to rubbish such assertions that the level of crimes in Ghana are on the ascendency.

The Ghana police service has come out at a time that Ghanaians are decrying the increasing rates at which armed robbery has largely affected and dominated every town in Ghana but the police administration has blatantly denied that glaring fact which has caused many people in the country to lose confidence in the public security forces.

But people who are the ones facing criminal activities meted out to them on daily basis, are the right people to speak whether the police administration is doing any possible thing to protecting the lives and properties of the Ghanaians.

These days, it is common for you to see police vehicles escorting foreign nationals in their private cars most especially on the Kanda Highway and 37 Military Hospital areas because of what they paid them at the detriment of the larger population in Ghana.

It is unarguably that security now in the country is for sale and those who are having the money would be the ones to enjoy protections from the public security forces as in a case of the police service and its officers.

Some people in the country have reacted to the claim made by the police administration that, crime rate in Ghana has been curbed and thus the police administration is on top of the issues relating to criminal injustices and and their related activities as laughable and comic reliefs that are meant by such an unreliable institution to calm down the nerves and anger of Ghanaians as they recently jumped on the throats of the administration for doing little or nothing to save their lives from danger and harm and the incursions from the camp of the notorious hoodlums and bandits are fast rising significantly across the length and breath of the country.

But whether the police administration is telling us the truth or lying, the people who are being attacked and robbed on daily basis are the ones to testify as to the real situations on the ground.

Ghanaians nationals are going through a lot of challenges on daily basis with such criminal activities being perpetrated on their lives and valuables and it appears no responsible citizen would take lightly to the claims published by the administration of the Ghana police service without taking into consideration the real facts on the ground.



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