Over 4,000 Unqualified Teachers Uncovered In The Public Sector

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The growing instances of notoriety being exhibited at the mercy of moral development and its upbringing in various educational institutions as a result of the crack down of proper and adequate training system with equipped professional teachers, has come to light once again as the government takes drastic steps in restoring culture of academic excellence and resilient impartation onto the children, Godly wisdom and knowledge which will transform their lives in due cause.

Many parents continue to bemoan cases of serious decline in the performances of their wards in school most especially, those admitted at the government teaching and learning institutions across the length and breadth of the country.

Some parents who are well endowed with the brains, are highly concerned about the kind of an individual teacher who teaches their children when the need arises because, they would like to know details of the educational qualifications and backgrounds for such an individual.

As reports of failures being recorded at the academic scenes, it is not entirely accurate to blame the learners alone because those who are teaching such pupils, are not well trained therefore, their academic records and acumen to impact knowledge into the students, lacks maturity and competence.

The local government sector at Niger state alone in Nigeria, has uncovered that, over 4,000 teachers who have been employed to teach in the state, do not have the requisite documents and educational qualifications to be professional teachers but rather, quacks and half baked graduates impersonating to be qualified and eligible candidates for the teaching profession.

According to some dependable sources, the Niger state areas, have been producing unintelligent and mentally warped graduates yearly hence the decision of the educational directorates in the state to urgently embark of the fact finding mission so as to discover the real true fact on the ground but shockingly, the findings of the education officers have proven beyond any reasonable justification that, the teachers being recruited to teach the students are inept and ineffective due to their lack of proper training.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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