Police impound Dr. Lawrence Tetteh’s vehicle for using strobe lights

It is undebatable that, the rule of law in the country, must work and by an extension, biting hard at any individual who flouts the regulation thinking that he or she is above the law even though, there must be a room available for a redress if or when the need arises to prevent total chaos and pandemonium.

There are some people in this world, upon reaching a certain level of recognition with their social, political, economic or religious statuses, it seems to others who do not understand in clear terms about their change of lifestyles, they then turn to apportion blame against their personalities that, they are being braggarts, arrogant, proud and pompous and that is the cases of those who think they are better than a certain crop of citizens in any particular country.

There are countless occasions on which Ghanaian politicians are seen in public whilst abusing and violating public order acts because they are at the helm of affairs and thus, any intended action taken against the wills of others, at the end of the day, they will be exonerated with the sense that they are immuned hitherto to such contravention and abuse of power.

It is unarguable that, the laws of Ghana are no respecter of persons but it is not being applied in the right senses because the laws of Ghana at this political juncture of quagmire state, are respecters of Ghanaian politicians and their allied business magnates.

If that is the actual fact, then the same dignity and accordance of the greatest and highest form of honour must be credited into the bossom of everyone because we are all equal before the law.

If Ghanaian politicians think they are above the law, then our Ghanaian religious leaders must be treated with decorum and reverence.

The shameful and disgusting part of it all is that, one of Ghana’s anointed vessels in the christiandom, has been humiliated and treated with an utter disdain without any apology rendered to his ministry of God.

The mind bugging episode that sends people talking about the conducts of some police officers in the country after it has been reported that they willfully impounded the private vehicle of Dr. Lawrence Tettey, has really baffled and startled many online.

According to the police administration, the decision of its officers that led to the impounding of his personal car without hesitation, emanated from the fact that, they spotted him using strobe lights.
Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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