Pubic Teachers Strike Hit Hard At Students

Pubic Teachers Strike Hit Hard At Students in Ghana

The current ongoing strike action initiated by the friends of the chalk fraternity in the teaching fields has bitten severely at the students causing some of them to lose the deep-rooted respect and affection they are having for their teachers.

The strike action, which began on Monday, was communicated to the members by Thomas Musah, One of the national executive officers to stay at home where the leadership of the unions negotiated with the government for better conditions of service because of the hardship that is eating up into their meager finances they are taking at the end of the month.

Their students in public basic schools were seen galavanting in their various school compounds where it was obvious that there were no teachers available to teach and instruct such pupils to impact them with something meaningful and valuable.

The strike action taken by the government teachers has baffled the minds of many education watchers with the sense that the strike was not announced through the mainstream media channels which left all and sundry wondering as to why and how the communication to their various members lay down their tools, was disseminated to teachers to remain in the house.

But the Ghana Education Service, GES, has stepped in to calm down nerves by urging the headmasters of the public educational institutions, to keep close eyes on the children placed under their care so as not to allow them to fall prey to those who are black sheep in society.

The teacher unions have mounted a spirited defense that enough is enough for this incumbent president and his appointees because they have been taken for granted for far too long and it is high time they rose and resisted the actions of government towards their welfare situations in the country.

Today being Wednesday, learners in public basic schools would be in school once again without their teachers except the headmasters supervising the up and down movements of children who are even larger than the number of the heads that are instructed to monitor them in the schools.

Teacher unions have been urged to negotiate with the government as soon as possible due to the negative impacts of their strike action which could easily influence some of their students to ignorantly indulge in some cases of immorality in their various localities bearing any last-minute hitches.

Currently, the ministry of education is quiet on the pending strike embarked upon by the public teachers, and the director-general himself of the Ghana Education Service, Kwesi Opoku Amankwa, has not commented or stated his position on the pending strike by his subordinates with the sense that he is not affected in any way.

But if things proceed on this awful tangent, the standard of public education in Ghana will continue to fall drastically as it used to be in the previous absurd years and this should be a wake-up call on the government to quickly form some kind of ad-hoc committees to fast track the needs and demands of the public teachers whereas, it would be practically possible that their hearts could be given out in the discharge of their duties with their knowledge impartation onto the children who are the future leaders of the country, Ghana.



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