Qualified Family Members To Join Police Service After Death Of Relatives In Line Of Duty – IGP assures

Qualified Family Members To Join Police Service After Death Of Relatives In Line Of Duty - IGP assures

The Inspector General of Police in Ghana, George Akufo Dampare, has stated that he has realized growing incidents of how some dedicated individuals striving to serve the country in the Ghana Police Service will suddenly lose their lives without consoling their family members with anything meaningful that could erase their bad and absurd memories about what happened to their members in the line of duty when the unexpected happens to that very fellow.

According to him, it is high time the Ghana Police Service came out with such a laudable idea to support families who lose their relatives to death when they are on national exercises to serve the country that will inspire and motivate others to have the country and the service as hearts as a whole.

He has therefore announced that the Ghana Police Service, is currently embarking on replacing any police officer working with the service who dies tragically when serving the country on or during any national assignments, the opportunity would be given to any other family member of the departed individual will be chosen to replace such fallen heroes and heroines who have lost their dear lives in the line of duties to encourage other people to stop thinking that Ghana is not worth dying for as some people continue to say that erroneous impression.

Some security experts have condemned his assertion that that is what he is planning to undertake from now onwards describing it as a very dangerous and harmful recipe for chaos and disaster because, how on earth will you say to someone else that my brother or sister, do not worry much about what will happen after your death because if you die while serving the country, we are going to reward or compensate your relatives by choosing one of them who is qualified to serve in the service after your demise.

It does not sound cogent to any meaningful individual who has his or her five senses working accurately for which that person can discern what is reasonable and what is unreasonable.

But it might be applauded by certain elements of society that what the inspector general of police had disclosed, is a thoughtful and tangible idea that must be appreciated and endorsed by all and sundry who are concerned about doing the right thing for the country.

The government does not currently speak about the information communicated to the general public by the inspector general of police even though the service itself is the main recruiter it does not pay the recruits but it is the sole mandate of the government to pay such individuals who have been acclaimed as qualified for admission into the service after going through all the laid down procedures and rudiments stipulated for people of that caliber.

In Ghana, our leaders are quick and fast to extend their condolences and commiserations to those who lose their loved ones sorrowfully when they are serving the country before the unexpected tragedy befalls them as in the case of the late former president of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills who passed away tragically in the line of duty at the 37 Military Hospital under strange circumstances beyond the description of family members who could not behold their sights after he breathed his last.

Though it is good news to hear into our ears from the Ghana Police hierarchical authorities that that is one of the measures being put in place to compensate any fallen hero or heroine who loses his or her life while under any national duty, how is going to be the necessary rudiments meant for recruiting such very individuals apart from telling the country that any qualified individual could be chosen.

Even in Ghana, many so-called qualified individuals are competent enough.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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