Renewed Chieftaincy Clashes In Upper East Force Emergency Curfew Imposition

There are certain elements in our various communities who do not want to feel anything like peace and tranquility since it makes them lose their presence in such places, they have decided to cause instability and unrest in those areas in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Such people lately, used to engage one another in community clashes causing disturbances and commotion between town folks until the intervention from the security officers and the council leaders in their various jurisdictions.

At this present juncture, those individuals hitherto, were admonished and kept abased, have started their heinous conducts once again in the area rendering scores of residents to flee for their dear lives.

But since there is no town or a community without a leader, the community members have decided to consult opinion leadership in such danger prone communities to as it were, bring an amicable settlement to the chieftaincy dispute amongst member states in the area.

At its emergency council meeting on Monday, the Upper East Regional Security Council, has resolved to bringing lasting solutions to the clashes in the area amongst the inhabitants of such geographic location, it has sanctioned that, to curb any emerging conflict at this present juncture, some kind of severe and tough measures be taken quickly to avert any further stressed disaster. It has therefore resolved that, every form of an activity, involving the operations of yellow yellow vehicles in the community, be put on hold until further notice.

Stressing that, it is only the police officers, immigration officers and military forces are permitted to embark on their duties with their motor bikes during the hours of 6am and 6pm as a step gap measure in mitigating circumstances that may endanger the lives and properties of the community members.

Since the renewed chieftaincy dispute has erupted once again, those living in the community have no peace and security due to the fact that, it causes them of their pulchritude atmosphere and calmness of their minds from sleeping comfortable and going about their normal daily engagements since they could be harmed anytime they go out for their activities to bring home food for their families and loved ones.

The regional security council, has therefore, imposed temporary imposition of curfew in the communities where such conflicts are currently erupting volcanoes with clashes all over in town.



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