Security man 38, found dead in his room

Unexplained mysteries have heralded the death of one security officer in the Northern Region of Ghana where fear and panic had ceased the entire community as to what might have happened to the well known guard in the area who worked with

St Kizito co- operative society credit union, had been found lifeless after his decomposed body ignited foul smells in the whole area where he was residing after neighbours suspected something weird.

Upon search in his room with full force and aggression, his motionless body laid like a sculptured bride that has been thrown into the Korle Bu mortuary like a jettisoned cargo with denials. It is not yet clear what had resulted in the sudden demise of the security officer who was a very cordial and respectful individual in the community.

The strong stench emanating from the decayed body parts of the deceased, gravely overwhelmed the neighbours who suspected of weird smells in the area where they are living together with the officer in the Kpandai district of the Northern Region of Ghana.

The deceased, Abubakar Salisu, who was just 38 years, passed away suddenly after closing from his security post at the premises of St Kizito co-operative society credit union in the community which has raised the eyebrows of many people including the young and old. He was suspected to have kicked the bucket on Tuesday, 17th January, 2023 after returning from his duty post.

A checked conducted by the concerned Samaritans could not find out any suspicious attack or an assault on his body since there were no injuries or bruises could be seen on his body. One of his colleagues at his place of work, confirmed that when Salisu reported to duties before his unexpected death, he did not indicate anything as in a form pains or anxieties but rather on a tragic note, they have learnt of his painful exit from the surface of the earth.


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