Shy Guys Are Attracted By Most Ladies Because Of The Following Reasons

shy guys

Shy guys are incredibly attractive for so many below are the reasons why most ladies love them or get attracted by most ladies

# Many of them are such hidden treasures. They have interesting opinions and insights about the world around them.

shy guys

# They are sensitive. They value the people they care about and, once they open up, they are willing to share that and let them know. They are slow to open up at first sometimes, but if you are a lucky girl and you can find a way in, over time he will slowly show more and more about himself. It’s a refreshing journey because he always has a small surprise hidden away.

# When they grow close to you, they tend to be respectful and have a very calming and reassuring quality about them. Perhaps one of the greatest things about shy guys is they are kind and sincere. When they speak, you know they mean what they say

# Well, simply put they suck at multi-tasking (also, they don’t prefer to). So you know that when they’re with you, they are 100% present mentally with you trying to get a deeper understanding of what you want to convey. Who doesn’t love it, when someone pays attention to them.



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