Tenant beats landlord over rent


After receiving a 200 percent rent increase from his landlord, a furious tenant took matters into his own hands.

The landlord allegedly ignored the tenant’s request to reconsider the exorbitant sum he had added to the already high current rent price after presenting the renter with his increased rent fee.

The situation worsened after repeated confrontations to get the renter to pay the increased rent cost and leave the property.

After exchanging jabs for a while, the landlord and renter decided to engage in some physical contact as males.

The elderly landlord, who was shirtless and proved to be a tough nut to crack, took the beatings of his life as can be seen in the video.

Social media users who have seen this video have had a variety of reactions to it.

Some have requested that the police put the tenant on administrative leave after hitting his landlord.

Others agree that the man made the right decision. After all, how can one raise his rent by a startling 200 percent?


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