Truth About Why Women Talk About Other Guys In front Of Their Boyfriend


Why women talk negatively about guys. Hello everyone. I have a lot of one item. Many guys have asked me, “Why do women talk negatively about other men?” They go on dates, date this woman and that woman, or prefer to talk about other men while they’re out.

Perhaps a woman was approached by a man in the grocery store or the gym. I’m not referring to being preoccupied with that relationship or always bringing up ex- or other boyfriends. This issue has generated a lot of contention among dating coaches.

Has actually been brought to my attention for a lot of my clients asked me to do because they want to know or they’ve helped them for me to define and I thought that I should do this for you. Why women talk about other men in this predicament.

When you start dating them like other men, giving them attention, I should say this is your first time visiting. I welcome you to follow my page so you can get up to date advice with me and some amazing videos. So let’s get into it. A couple of reasons why a woman will talk about other men.

Number one is when if you are pulling away, for example, and I’ve seen this so much, when you start pulling away from a woman because you notice that she’s kind of not showing up or maybe she said you’re not ready and you’re like, OK, I’m going to just pull away. I’m going to do my thing and I’m going to just let her if whenever she’s ready, let’s see if time happens, and then we’ll be together. I don’t know.

But right now I’m just going to move on with it and I’ll give her a little bit of attention. What happens is the push and pull. It’s a dynamic that happens. So what happens then is the woman starts to come back to you and you’re like, OK, well. This is working. Which it does.

And then from there she’s she’s talking to her or on the phone or going on a date, doesn’t matter. And she starts saying like ohh, this guy at the gym approached me and he wanted to know if I was single.


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