VIRAL VIDEO: Netizens notice something strange as a man kisses his lion best friend 

A very touching and heartwarming clip has been going rounds on social media platforms where a certain man has been seen vividly, killing one particular nefarious lion without being afraid of the dangers involved in his activities with the deadly animal.

In the video clip, many people on social media platforms have been asking how on earth would a lion be sober and calm with someone for the person to be kissing while caressing the ferocious animal with joy and happiness?

It is not however clear if indeed that particular lion has been tamed or something else has been done to it since the manner in which the whole thing has been staged, it is giving people much concerns to know about the entire scenes in the viral video.

Lions are thought to be that deadly and ferocious since they are wild and aggressive in nature unless they are kept in captivity but this current lion, has shocked countless netizens since they have not seen such a spectacular experience in their real life time before until this very moment that they chanced upon witnessing that even with frights and vibrations in their bone marrows.

What could be seen in the viral video is that, the lion remains calm and collected while the man kisses, cuddles and fondles it body parts gently as the lion also enjoys and feels being entertained in the process without showing any act of violence conducts. Since such animals are unpredictable in nature due to their hostility and belligerent behaviours, how this very man got in touch with the lion beats the imaginations of many watches because the lion remains calm and collected without any aggression.

The revealing video, which was first shared on the Instagram by page lionlovershub, got people talking since it caught their attention with admiration. This viral video has been initially shared on TikTok by the user shandorlarenty and the entire reel has gone viral with 3.6 million views and 213k likes.

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