Acute Water Shortage Severely Hits Weija.

There is an imminent scarce of one of life’s precious commodities in some surrounding communities in the Greater Accra region and many parts adjoining to Central region of Ghana.

One of the life’s most valuable resources, water, has become a needle lost in the sand for the community folks to search for long miles before they could find it. Residents of New Weija, a suburb of Accra, are struggling for water with their eyes red since the rain does not set in yet.

Many people living in and around Weija Barrier, Aplaku, Old Bortianor, Nyanyanor, SCC, Ayigbetown, Azumah, Sunny Coast, Mandela and other areas leading to the Damsite of River Densu, are in serious search for that very important commodity. Some of the students in those areas are trekking to far places in urgent look out for the resource to enable them attend to their respective house chores at home before departing for class activities in their various schools.

They were asked to express their personal thoughts on the unavailability of the commodity, the students explained that, even though many of them do not have the means to pay for the hikes on water prices in town, they sometimes turn to the one being used in the construction of the rural community roads that is stuffed with dust on its surface.

You can see for yourself how life is having a great toll on people in this particular country, Ghana.



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