Ghana Police Officers Lack Moral Integrity-says Presbyterian Moderator.

Those who have been saying that the former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has gone into a state of silent, he says, he is not living in a state of oblivion but rather he speaks on matters affecting the nation through text messages which is totally different from how he used to do it under the regime of the former President, John Dramani Mahama.

The ex Presbyterian Moderator, Emmanuel Martey, has been accused of receiving bribes from this incumbent administration so as to be quiet not to make the government unpopular as he was noted for doing it when the former President Mahama was in power but because of his perceived salvoes that he used to throw at government for doing little or nothing to improving the living standard of Ghanaians, he had been sorted out by the New Patriotic Party allegedly not to talk on national matters again which may appear as though he is ridiculing the government on what it may not be able to do to ameliorating the living conditions of the people of Ghana.

But Most Rev. Emmanuel Martey, has heavily registered his presence in the country again but this time around, he has diverted his cause towards a different direction by chasing out one of the public security administration in the country which is mandated by the laws of the country to protect lives and properties of the citizens in maintaining peace and security across Ghana.

The diversionary tactics adopted this time around is that, he is currently on the neck of the police administration for lacking integrity because they are not men to be trusted again based on what he studied out of the country when he left the shores of the nation to the White man’s land to have a great feel of their environment before returning to his origin.

According to him, police officers in Ghana are always receiving and taking bribes from drivers when they flout our laws on traffic regulations but in the United States of America, it is never done in such a way. He said, it is only in Ghana, when drivers misconduct themselves on the road in the full glare of the public, police officers would still expect these drivers to give them something tangible that would motivate them so that they are left out of the hook but in the United States of America, it is not done as that.

He further put it that, in the United States of America, if a driver puts his hand in a pocket after being caught of flouting regulations, he would be shot dead but in Ghana, these our police officers would still be expecting you to give out money to them so that they leave you. So, based on this scenario that he is accusing the police administration for lacking moral integrity.



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