Gomoa District Police Command Detains Five Land Guards For Terrorising Land Developers

The issue of acquisition of property in the country has become like a war to be fought with all the weaponry you have in your custody before you could embrace your sweat most especially, in the developed areas in Ghana.

Accra has been a deep rooted den for land guards notoriety since such individuals believe that is the only way they could also make ends meet with the reason being that, they have been neglected in society by their leaders.

Those who are estate developers, would confer in you how difficult it is for them to step their toes on their own private properties since the illegal activities of such persons have been a nightmare to them.

After struggling to acquire lands for development, you have to be paying individuals who you have no relationship with or you do not know from anywhere in the country but for fear of being slain on your own land, you have to give in to their demands so as to secure your dear lives from such marauding rascals who have nothing doing except to chase people out of their own private properties.

Gomoa Nyanyano in the Central region of Ghana, has also been in the news lately for similar reasons apart from some dreaded communities in the centre of Accra and elsewhere.

Upon a tip off given to the police officers in the area, five of such individual members alleged to be land guards, have been arrested after threatening the lives of the land developers who are the genuine owners of those lands.

The police officers in the Gomoa Nyanyano District Command, had in a swift action, carefully arrested five of such hardened miscreants whose duties are aimed at harassing and intimidating developers of the lands they have acquired for development.

The suspected hooligan individuals, have been laying ambush for the land developers anytime they perceive of their appearances on their land and by an extension, they chance upon demanding huge sum of money against their wish as they have been threatening them of killing them if they do not yield to their demands.
Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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