Nigerian men who caught world’s fastest fish ate it with pepper soup cries out after knowing it was worth over $1,500

A very weird and outrageous aquatic species, has been caught up by some curious and adventurous Nigerian youth who were touched by the elegant outlook of the fish after driving the fish offshore.

Some people have described the fish as being the fastest fish ever in the history of the world based on some intriguing gymnastics displayed by the fish on dry land after dragging it from the cold sea water. Some people were dreaded after taking a look at the appearance of the fish as they caught it and said it could be a marine spirit that has been sent by its masters to do their bidding on earth therefore, the men who caught up the fish when they cast their net deep down in the sea, should quickly reverse the fish back into the sea. But the guys remained adamant and went home with the fish and prepared it for something juicy to the admiration of those who had tastes for that spectacular aquatic animal.

They came up together and cooked the fish with pepper soup and enjoyed themselves very well with ebba after drinking some locally distilled wine to ginger up their blood vessels. After they ate the fish satisfactorily and everyone went home in his own direction, the fish magically brought them together once again as it wept continuously in their bellies asking them as to why they unanimously conspired and consumed it without having sympathy for it. The fish cried out loud in their stomachs until they confessed as having eaten such a strange and unfamiliar crystal clear fish they caught up from the cold waters when they cast deep down their nets after harvest.

They are currently crying out loud for help as the fish also continues to tormenting them to throw it up and fix it up and then forward it back into the other world and if not, they will regret the day they were brought onto this earth with tears of lamentations. Nigerians are currently pondering on how such a so called fish eaten with pepper soup after catching it would be hunting people in their bellies as if it was such a suspected valuable that has been stolen from someone who spent which colossal amounts of money on it but here, it was freely caught up from the cold waters and yet it does not want to allow those who ate it with pepper soup to sleep comfortably.

They concluded that, if the men who trapped the fish with the harvesting net were to have listened to their respective advices where they returned that wild species back into the sea waters, they would not be pursued by such a dangerous and deadly fish after consumption.



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