Phone Thief Cleanses Gutter After His Arrest.

A perceived mobile phone thief has been arrested by the community members in Accra. The Nigerian, with the name, John was arrested by areas guys compelling him to clean up the gutters in the community where he stole the mobile phone.

They demonstrated him their benevolence by feeding him adequately so that he could get the strength to work effectively. After his arrest, he was severely beaten by some people in the area before he was made to clean up the drains after eating a heavy bowl of food meant for seven people in one family.

The manner in which he swallowed the food, beat the imagination of people in the area because he ate the food gluttonously. Many have applauded the people in the community for not killing him with a mob instant justice but others blamed them for hyping the whole incident.

In this contemporary world, the youth do not want to work again but they are looking for money to show class in public without accounting for their gotten wealth.



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