The Bombers Of Our Catholic Church Disguised Themselves As Worshippers – Ondo victims of terrorists’ attacks narrate

Ondo victims of terrorists' attacks

The survival victims of those who were saved from the brutality and mayhem caused by some suspected thugs in the Nigeria state of Ondo, where Christian worshippers were attacked on last week Sunday, finally recollected what transpired before and after the mass killings of Christian religious believers on that fateful Sunday.


The account they are giving out to the general public as to what actually occurred in the events leading to the attacks and the aftermath of the scenes when suspected boko haram members invaded the territory of a Catholic Church in Nigeria where Christian religious worshippers were held hostage.

According to the survivours of the terrorists bombing on the church which claimed over 50 lives while others sustained varying degrees of excruciating pains and fatal injuries, before the hoodlums held they the living ones hostage in the church auditorium, they saw them dressing in religious costumes which took after that of Christians’ way of dressing.

The eyewitnesses underscored the fact that, such notorious and vampires whose aim was to instigate bloodshed of the innocent, pretended to be worshippers who might be seeking certain particular informations concerning something that could be bothering their minds and so because of that visual effects they detected about those terrorists who bombed the entire building, causing over fifty people to perish in the process, it did not occur to them that they were blood thirsty individuals who came purposely to exsangunate blood from the living worshippers who came to show their ultimate reverence to the supremacy of the Most High God.

Nigeria had been a state of security instability and uncertainties since the incursions of the boko haram insurgency escalated to many parts of the country which has been the headache of the incumbent president, Gen. Mahamudu Buhari, who he himself is a military officer who served in the Nigeria defense forces for some decades before venturing into politics which brought him afterwards into the national radar.

Even though president Gen. Buhari promised to match the boko haram sect head on, it appears as if the promise given by the general, is far from being fulfilled because such bandits are operating with other clandestine groups that are their affiliate which is secretly undertaking its activities in secrecy without being caught and as a result of that impunity, the deadly activities of those sects are still on the ascendency because it is assumed that they have their financiers in the same administration of Buhari so as to making the country ungovernable for him and his reputable cabinets to help bring a lasting peace and tranquility to the people of Nigeria and other foreign nationals who are currently residing in the country.

The military personnel are always on cock ears but how such dastardly acts are being perpetrated at the blind side of their eyes, it is taking every well meaning individual who follows the security situation in Nigeria aback.

The terror activities engaged in by the boko haram members should be a thing of the past long ago but because of some suspicious elements who are covetedly working against this present regime to sabotaging its revised and salient measures adopted to dealing with the incursions the group has spread into countless communities with, such conscious solutions are far from materialising.



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