GBC Plunges Into Total Darkness As ECG Disconnects Her Power Supply.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, a state broadcasting network, has been termited off completely from the national grid by the Electricity Company of Ghana for owing gargantuan quantum of money totalling several millions of Ghana cedis.

According to the Electricity Company of Ghana, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, owes over million cedis of light debts therefore, it is necessary that, they are disconnected from their power supply so as not to incur more debts going forward.

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GBC, a national broadcasting station, has owed such a colossal amount of money to be defrayed, resulting from the inability of her outfit to pay for power supplies being rendered by Electricity Company of Ghana.

One wonders how on earth, a state broadcaster would pile up that huge sum of money of a light bill without paying till the matter comes out to the public domain.

This creates a whole lot of deficiencies in the public administration blocks which must be looked into with an iron fist.



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