Mobile Money Vendor Shot; assailants absconded.

The police officers in the Sawla district of the Savannah region of Ghana, are fiercely on a manhunt for the assailants who persistently shot and maimed a mobile money vendor in the area.

The district police commander, DSP Paul Lambert, has duly confirmed the incidence and assured the general public of their readiness to apprehend the perpetrators to face the full rigours of the laws of the land.

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The incident has put fear and panic in the residents of the community as they contemplate on whether to go all out for their daily activities or to remain indoors for fear of being attacked in the same manner it was meted out the the mobile money vendor in the vicinity.

But the police officers have allayed the fears of the residents to leave everything behind them and go for their daily routine undertakings.

It is evidenced that, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred in the area because, the alleged territory terrorists have been on rampage for some time now and always, when the complaints are lodged against the miscreants in the community to the police officers, they will assume the complainants of their commitment to eradicating the shooting menace in the area drastically for peace and tranquility to prevail.



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