Stealing Galore As Komenda Sugar Factory Board Imports Raw Sugar For Processing.

It is almost senseless and criminal to hear some kinds of outrageous decisions being taken by some top managers in the Ghana.

One of the most cantankerous thoughts that would occur to a whole board directors of a locally manufacturing company to create clandestine avenues of stealing from the public purse to enrich them has been exposed. The board directors of Komenda Sugar Factory in the Central Region of Ghana, has seen its annals being treated in public by toddlers in Ghana.

The information available is that, the board covetedly, is in the process of importing raw sugar plantations from other countries into Ghana before sugar could be processed in the country despite vast sugar cane farms expansion in the country.

Ghanaian sugar cane farmers have been crying fouls for not receiving the necessary financial aid to help progress their businesses whereby their farms proceeds are left to rot on their farm lands but, due to the criminal mentality of the greedy leaders, they have intentionally planned to bypass such weeping sugar cane farmers because they know that if they purchase their raw sugar canes on a larger scales, they will not be part of the proceed sharing and and as a result, they are importing the same raw materials from other neighbouring countries leaving the Ghanaian sugar cane farmers in an abject poverty where their raw sugar cane materials are left to deteriorate on their farmlands.

As this very emerging news is coming up now, it is expected that those who are concerned about the future of Ghana, must as a matter of an urgency, take the case up to investigate such board directors and members to help save huge sum of money for Ghana and to increase by boosting the economic fortunes of the Ghanaian local farmers.

It is only people with criminal mind who would embark on such a clandestine and suspicious adventure to loot and milk the country dry as they have been doing always leaving behind the majority who are stricken by poverty without remedies.

If our security agencies are reading such a piece, they should take it upon themselves and inquire into this very nation wrecking agenda by the board members of the Komenda Sugar Factory who are devising ways and means to pilfer from the country at the detriment of the poor farmers in Ghana.

Their dirty agenda must quickly be averted to help and encourage local sugar cane farmers and others as a whole, to continue growing their domesticated products to salvage the country from any future shortfalls.



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