The Pockets Of Ghanaians Are Like Industries – Nana Addo.

The president of the Republic of Ghana, Prez Akuffo Addo, is causing severe anger and vexation in the homes of Ghanaians at the moment after he was questioned as to why the alacrity for the e-levy.

The Prez during his encounter with BBC’s News Anchor, Peter Okweche, claimed even if the people of Ghana are facing any economic meltdown, they are not the only people under the globe with such experiences.

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Peter Okweche put it to him that, Mr. Prez, the economy of your country Ghana, is really terrible; how do you respond to that? The prez then incurred wrath by vexatiously stating of the British Broadcasting Corporation that, we are taking steps to restore the economy back on track but if they are going through anything as you alleged, it is as a result of global economic downturn.

According to him, the pockets of Ghanaians can be compared with industries because, they are wealthy in secret hence the need to implement the e-levy bill.



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