You Are Old Enough To Fend For Yourselves, Government Tells Teacher Trainees.

The friends of the chalk fraternity to be are currently up in arms with the government of Ghana over the latter decision not to feed them again.

The government has announced that, starting from: Sunday, 8th May, 2022, all the teacher trainees in all the public colleges of education across the entire country Ghana, must therefore, feeding themselves as the government has washed its hands of their feeding responsibilities.

The government of Ghana previously used to feed all the teacher trainees in the public teachers’ training colleges of education but, now, it is clear to all that, according to the government, from 8th May 2022 henceforth, they should try as much as possible and start to look after themselves as they have grown enough to support themselves when it comes to matters relating to the stomach.

But the government must bear it in mind that, all hands are not equal therefore, there must be a second thought through of such a traumatic stress directive being announced by the government.

The feeding system given to the teacher trainees, is one of the motivational factors as to why some people are interested to seek admission in training colleges so as to become a professional teacher even though we will all agree that, everyone eats satisfactorily in his or her own home.

The teacher trainees are currently crying foul as to what would be the next step to follow because, the aspiration of some has been jeopardised.



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