Nigerian Scholar Authors Translate Quran To Igbo Language

Nigerian Scholar Authors Translate Quran To Igbo Language

A wondrous feat has been achieved by Nigerian Islamic Scholar Authors who graciously translated the Arabic Quran into an Igbo language in Nigeria.

It took such religious and devoted men of the Islamic scriptures tedious and laborious thoughtfulness to finally come up with that eye-catching innovation in Nigerian being the first ever African country to achieve such a magnificent feat.

Many Islamic scholars in the Arab world, always protest vehemently against any possible translation of the Quran into the English language version because of their suspicions on the part of those who may endeavour such initiative due to the fact, such individuals perhaps will use that as means to paint the religion bad in the eyes of people and by an extension, using it to brainwash and indoctrinate other people who may not actually know the core facts about Islamic religion and its practices.

The holy book was acclaimed over the weekend in Nigeria as a genuine and trusted word of Allah as their object of worship as inspired by his spirit through the prophets he personally chose for himself so as to reveal his word to mankind. The scholars who unequivocally managed to translate the Quran have been hailed and highly praised for their excellent dexterity even though they encountered difficulties before, during and after their thoughtful breakthroughs.

The Igbo community is highly walking on air because of the new wind that is blowing up in the entire vicinity due to the undeniable fact that, they are now going to have access to the word of Allah in their own native language without any kind of translation from anyone from Quran into their Igbo language in the Nigerian surrounding areas.

The world Islamic scholars are celebrating those brave and extraordinary gentlemen who took it upon themselves to thoroughly change the language of the Quran from the Arabic language version to the Igbo conversion so that other faithfuls could have close access to the message of Allah in their own language without orchestrations.



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