Terrorists Abduct Female Footballers, Demands N30M For Ransom

Boko Haram Group Abducts Ten Police Officers

The Boko Haram Islamic militants have once again, undertaken very deadly activities in the Nigerian States of Edo and Delta, where female footballers and their officials have been kidnapped as they demand thirty thousand million nairas as a ransom before they are released to their family members.

The Nigerian government has indicated that it is quite aware of this current malevolent meted out to the athletes but assured of government support and assistance to fight for their cause to see what would be the best way forward.

Gunmen who abducted such individuals in the States between Edo and Delta, are yet to disclose their identities but it is worldly circulated that it is the same bandits and riffraff miscreants whose aim is to cause instability and destabilize the Nigerian government making it ungovernable, are the sole architect gangs who are doing such filthy and irresponsible activities.

Boko Haram Islamic leader, Alhaji Modu, was in the previous week, killed in military forces attacking their hideouts with airstrike which maimed him absurdly resulting in his death but yet still the group is robust going through every part of Nigeria killing innocent people and kidnapping teenagers as ways of avenging themselves because of what the government of the day has been doing to their reckless leaders.

It is the group members who have become the only headache of the Nigerian government at this very moment because it is a severe thorn in the flesh of those who are concerned and made it their priority and value to see Nigerian people enjoy lasting peace and security in the country after experiencing the acts of malicious intentions from the deadly group of Boko Haram which is bent on destroying so that the country will become ungovernable.

Boko Haram members recently declared that they wanted to rule the country up north because these current and previous governments neglected the people in the hinterland. After all, they always give a forlorn hope that their base is too far to reach but they will know that they also exist only during the time of voting in the general elections.

President Buhari earlier assured the Nigerian nationals that his outfit will do everything possible to make sure that the people of the country are living in total peace and tranquility but it is not what the individual residing in that country are feeling at the moment but rather it is the contrary of issues and events.

The activities of the Boko haram group have spread to every corner of the Nigerian cities and states linking down to numerous parts of the hinter places where it is practically becoming impossible for government officials to reach but the military forces only who are embarking on such experiences with the military helicopters to combating criminal conducts that the Boko haram terrorists have been unleashing on the people living in the country.

They have made the country dread the light-hearted people who could not hold their breaths in seeing blood being shared on the floor from innocent people who do not commit any crime but because of their nature of banditry, they are bent on causing commotions and insurrection to say they are on top of situations in the country.

Though they are claiming over thirty thousand million nairas as a ransom before those who they have abducted would be given the freedom to go back to their kinsmen, no particular or actual ultimatum has been reported as to whether the money requested is not paid on schedule, this or that will be meted out to those who are in their custody as we speak.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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