Tidal Wave Victims Cheer As Resettlement Project Takes off.

The victims of the recent tidal wave in the volta region of Ketu south and the other adjoining communities, are heaving surf of relief as the municipal authorities take steps to rebuild their ruined structures of abodes.

The Municipal Chief Executive, has announced with a joyful noise amidst singing and dancing as the community folks celebrate, that, he has secured two million Ghana cedis to initiate the project which is expected to commence in a fortnight period from now.

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The sea defense project would amongst other things, be built as a city of refuge for the rural folks against any unforeseen catastrophe that may endanger their dear lives when on any occasion that the sea storm rages to causing havoc to the residents.

People who live along Agavedzi, Blekusu and Havedzi areas, having been enduring a severe nightmare whenever the sea wave rises above the normal levels. In the early part of this very week, the tidal waves displaced scores of residents without mercy, pulling down their homes, valuables and businesses.

They lamented the challenges they were faced with but only pleaded with authorities to come to their aid and now that, the help has come, they are beaming with smiles.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com


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